Dealing with a Pest Infestation – San Antonio Pest Control

Dealing with a Pest Infestation – San Antonio Pest Control

When dealing with a pest infestation, it is important to understand various elements of the pest control process. Failing to lucidly apprehend the foundational elements of pest control can lead to a non-efficacious treatment process or worse. If the right safety precautions or not taken, pest control treatments can put pets and humans – especially little children – at risk. Treating your home for pest is not something that you should engage lightly. At the very least, you can end up wasting money and time.Pest control san antonio

Another element of pest control that you should give significant consideration to is cost. The vast majority of people that take on the task of expelling unwanted pests fail to consider the cost element. It is important to understand that the most expensive route is not necessary the best. There are viable treatment options that don’t require a great deal of money. There are also some techniques that are environmentally friendly. The key is to take the time to familiarize yourself with the type of infestation that you are dealing with.

Insects, plants, rodents, bacteria, mold, mildew and other organisms are all a natural part of the universal ecological system, meaning that they provide a benefit to people in some way at some point. But there are times in which these animals and organisms become pests and you are forced to take action. It is important that when you do so you understand the proper protocol necessary to be effective and safe.

Multiple Infestations

In many situations you will find that there are multiple infestations. What this means is that you will see infestations of multiple species, such as rodents and roaches. This can be for a number of reasons, one of which would be access to water and food. In a situation in which there is a multiple infestation, steps will have to be taken to ensure that all species are expelled or killed.
This leads to one of the first steps of ridding your home of pest – limiting access to food and water, which is the primary cause of infestations. Improper care of your pet can lead to a flea infestation as well.

Safety First

One of the first things that you must consider when preparing to launch a pest control campaign is family and pet safety. The last thing that you want to do is cause someone in your family to become ill from lingering fumes or contaminated surfaces.

Kitchen Cleaned. In your kitchen you should be sure to cover all food and eating utensils. You should also wash all dishes and eating utensils after treatment to ensure that there is no residue left behind.
The Environmental Protection Agency has the responsibility to ensure that all pesticides do not pose what can be considered an unreasonable risk to humans and the environment. The key word in the previous statement is “unreasonable.” This does not mean that there are no risks. It simply means that the risks are considered within reason. This basically means that you must take the necessary steps to ensure that your family and pets are safe.Pest control services san antonio
Don’t set out pest bait in areas that are accessible to your children or your pets.

Non-chemical Methods
There are some non-chemical pest control methods that can be just as effective as the chemical alternative. The EPA has been promoting these type of methods over the last decade or so as concerns about the environment have increased.

Some non-chemical methods include:

Roaches – Prevention is the first priority and the best method. Limit food and water supplies. If an infestation takes place one of the most non-toxic treatments for roaches is boric acid. Simply place the boric acid in cracks and crevices and areas where roaches hide.
Fleas – Start by conducting an extensive cleaning of the entire house, including grooming, washing and vacuuming. If the infestation persists, use D-limonene and linalool. This citrus extracts will kill both – the larva and the adult fleas.
Rats and mice – There are devices such as snap traps, have a heart traps and glue traps – all of which are non-toxic.
You will find that there are non-toxic way to deal with almost all infestations, you simply have the take the time to do your research. Organic pest control is becoming a huge industry, providing multitudinous alternative to the more dangerous pesticides.

Toxic Methods

There is no end to the types of pesticides that are available. It all depends on your infestation. Take the time to evaluate the extent of your infestation to determine if you are dealing with multiple infestations or not.
Roaches – Combat or Raid bait traps are the less toxic or the toxic treatment scenario. If you want to go a little heavier, you can always use foggers or sprays. Remember that these sprays and foggers leave residue that can be hazardous.

Rats – Rats are a little more than a nuisance as they can spread diseases and also ruin your homes structure. Most of the commercial poisons that are on the market will kill rats, but these poisons are also very toxic to humans and domesticated animals. You can – instead – make homemade rat poison that is less toxic to humans. For instance you can mix Plaster of Paris, cornmeal and milk. Another homemade recipe would be the combination of flour, sugar and baking soda.Rodent control San Antonio - Pest control

Professional Help

Killing Cockroaches. There are times that your situation will require that you use a pest control professional. There may be a situation that is beyond your reach or there may be a structural issue. When hiring a professional you will have work that will be guaranteed. It is important to understand that hiring a professional doesn’t have to mean spending an exorbitant amount of money.
We are the local Experts in pest Control

Whether you attempt to deal with your infestation on your own or you decide to hire a San Antonio Pest Control professional, be sure to consider the safety and costs aspects.

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Do you have an Ant Problem in your House

Do you have an Ant Problem in your House

The ant is revered for its hard work and its resilience. When it comes to work, the ant is said to lift ten times its weight. While this is an admirable quality, it is very important that you don’t divorce the fact that ants are very destructive when given the chance to run wild. You have at one time felt the full brunt of the incursions that ants mete on who or what they perceive as threats. A case in point is the Brazilian fire ant which leaves a path of destruction when they make their way out of the Amazon forest and into the surrounding environment.Ant control San Antonio They have earned a reputation of being very merciless in how they attack people and animals. While there is a big difference in the how the Brazilian fire ants and the normal garden ants deal with threats, normal ants nonetheless are nightmare to those who cross their path. That is why at the first sign of trouble you should make a point of getting help from our ants exterminator and let us deal with them.

Why should you ask for help when you are dealing with ants? After all they are tiny and I am a giant, right? Getting rid of them will be a piece of cake, won’t it? There are certain flaws that come with train of thought. The first one is you might be in way over your head. Ants are very smart and they tend to be very elusive when they are under threat or worse very hostile. This in turn makes it very difficult for one to deal with them effectively. The other flaw is that you might be dealing with problem on the surface without dealing with problem that is underground. Ants have their nests underground and a surface offensive is very futile when it comes to getting rid of the problem. When you hire the ants exterminators from our Company you are dealing with people who know how to handle this problem effective.

As the premier San Antonio company dealing with ant extermination, we have cultivated a reputation for practicing the highest standards of professionalism. This means that you can trust to effectively handle your problem. When most people are looking for a company to meet their ant extermination needs, they are looking for a company that they can depend on. Hence, when you read our reviews you will find that most of our clients have only good things to say about us. Ergo, you can trust that we will exercise discretion in the execution of our extermination duties. As an ants exterminator , Our Exterminators are on top of its game.pest control

What do we do? What makes us special? The attributes that make us stand out have been outlined in the sections above as for what we do, we make sure that we do a detailed survey of the problem and come up with the right solution. Our Exterminators in San Antonio, recognize the uniqueness of your problems and you can trust us to handle them effectively. More information Here @

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Use This Advice To Tackle Your Home Pest Problem

Use This Advice To Tackle Your Home Pest Problem

If you struggle with pests living inside your home, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. It might seem like the population is still growing despite your efforts. Keep reading this article if you feel this way.

If you use pesticides, ensure that you always follow the label instructions. Using a large quantity of a pesticide will not solve your problem quicker. This will likely only make it even more dangerous for anyone that happens to come into contact.Rodent control San Antonio - Pest control

If you grow vegetables or fruits in your yard, cover them by using old pantyhose. This will keep insects away, but it can also deter birds and other animals from poaching your food. You can keep pests off your fruits and veggies by using pantyhose.

If you have crevices and cracks located in your home, make sure that you seal them off as soon as you can. These can be an open door for pests that are looking for a way into your home. Sealing them prevents this.

If you are pestered with bees, you should probably call a pro. It’s very difficult to see if the colony is Africanized. This can be a life or death situation if you’re not sure what the difference is between all of the species of bees.

Use a trap that is the correct size for the pest you are eliminating. A trap adapted for raccoons or other larger rodents will not be efficient if you try catching rats or mice. A lot of traps may work by baiting the animal. If the animal gets in the trap and doesn’t set it off, you might not catch them.

Mint helps keep mice away. Line the perimeter of your home with mint plants. This will make the environment inhospitable to mice. Mint leaves are a great way to make mice living in your home think twice. Most of the time, this will act as good repellent, but the mint leaves must be fresh.

If you notice spiders or spider webs in your home, you probably have a pest problem. To keep issues to a minimum, dust and vacuum pretty regularly. This practice will cut down your bug population, and the spider population will naturally follow.

You can use that same beer that you drink when you’re having a good time to control pests around your home. Who’d think of that? Pouring beer around your garden will repel snails and slugs and protect some plants from being eaten by other sorts of bugs. Also, you may want to place some Vaseline along the can’s lip; this will attract the pests, trapping them in.

If you’ve got a big pest problem, consider changing out all of your small appliances. Get rid of your toaster and coffee pot and replace these items. Bug infestations can be hard to control, and these appliances serve as particularly attractive nesting spots for pests.

Are you having problems with beetles? If so, then you need some insecticide. You can obtain the appropriate formula at any major home store. Spray the insecticide on the wood to eradicate them once and for all. If the damage is too great, though, you’ll have to replace the wood.San Antonio Pest Control

Make sure that you follow the different directions that your pesticides come with for safety. You will not get good results if you don’t use them precisely as directed. For instance, if it’s recommended that you use an application every day, don’t skip one day. Otherwise, you may experience a substantial delay in your ultimate results.

Have a rat problem? The traditional rat trap can be an excellent method of getting rid of them. Be sure they don’t have anything to eat like clutter or garbage. Also, be sure to place food inside sealable containers and keep things clean. Then put traps down where rat droppings are.

Make sure that you are placing brushes a good distance from your home as these can attract insects. Insects and other pests are naturally attracted to bushes. If you place the brush too close to your windows or other home entry points, you’ll risk those bugs visiting you inside.

If you recycle every week, be sure to rinse out the bins thoroughly. Anything that has a high sugar content, like a pop can, especially needs attention. Be sure they are thoroughly cleaned before putting it in the garage or outside.

It is not necessarily easy to eliminate pests from a home. It takes some people quite some time to rid themselves of these pesky critters. The tips you’ve read will help you eliminate the pests. Sleep easier at night knowing your pest problems are a thing of the past. And when all else fails call Jenkins Pest and Lawn today.

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Keeping you up to date on mosquito news

Keeping you up to date on mosquito news

Most of the country is experiencing a media overload on reports regarding West Nile virus. It is true that certain areas of the United States are getting hit hard with reports of infections from WNV. The Southern states and especially Texas are seeing record numbers of the illness. But in all honesty we really have not seen that much of it here in St. Louis. Residents are constantly asking us if they need to worry, and the answer we give them is to adopt mosquito smart practices and take precautions to ensure they try to keep their yards as mosquito free as possible.san antonio mosquito control

You have to remember that not all mosquitoes carry the West Nile Virus and some of the positive West Nile reports have come from mosquitoes that don’t even bite humans. It is true that if disease carrying mosquitoes are found here in the St. Louis area and you are bitten by one you may contract West Nile virus. Keep in mind that research indicates that about 80% of people who contract the disease don’t get very sick with symptoms that never progress past being similar to having the common flu. Less than 1% of those who become infected with WNV will develop severe infections. The most vulnerable group of the population include very young children, the elderly, and those with weakened or compromised immune systems.

Mosquito Guard of Bexar County provides an invisible veil of protection from mosquitoes and the illness and disease they carry.

According to a Huffington Post report which gives a breakdown of the reported WNV cases for each state, Missouri has had six confirmed cases of West Nile Virus for this season. To date there have been no reported human cases of West Nile virus for Bexars for this season, however for the rest of Texas the number of human infections from the virus now stands at 21 .

Since we are still in the outdoor living season Texas residence love spending time outdoors. We live in a state that offers a great deal of outdoor entertainment and recreational opportunities such as our many state parks, outdoor music festivals and local wineries. There is a lot to see and do here in the St. Louis area, so don’t let your fear of WNV keep you from enjoying the arrival of autumn here in Missouri. Mosquito control, knowledge and prevention is the best way to calm those fears.Mosquito control san antonio

How to be mosquito smart throughout the season

Always exercise mosquito-safe practices at home and away and especially from dusk till dawn when mosquitoes are most active. We recommend taking control of your backyard to reduce your risk of coming into contact from a mosquito that might be infected with WNV. Routine inspections of your property should include tipping, tossing out and turning over items, furniture and trash to keep mosquitoes from laying eggs in stagnant water. Change birdbaths or other water features on a regular basis if they do not re-circulate the water within so that mosquitoes will not lay eggs in them. Check your gutters for blockages or damage that could enable water to pool up. Keep your lawn mowed and don’t let shrubbery or other foliage become overgrown. Keep debris piles picked up and discarded. Check your screens for tears or damage that could enable mosquitoes to enter your home. Utilize a mosquito barrier program to eradicate and control mosquitoes by contacting a mosquito control professional.

This mosquito could be carrying West Nile virus

Mosquito Guard of Bexar County specializes in providing an invisible barrier with our safe and effective mosquito barrier sprays. We can reduce the number of mosquitoes in your yard by 90+ percent. Our barrier spray eliminates the mosquitoes within the treated area and prevents mosquitoes from entering your treated area for up to 21 days after each treatment. Our barrier spray programs are designed to deliver continuous season-long protection from mosquitoes with a series of scheduled yard sprayings throughout the season. This service enables you the freedom to enjoy the entire season with no gaps in service, and also provides peace of mind that you are greatly reducing the risk of coming into contact with a mosquito that may be carrying a mosquito-borne illness such as West Nile.

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Cockroach Exterminator San Antonio

Cockroach Exterminator San Antonio

When the eggs of a cockroach are left to hatch in your kitchen, prepare yourself for war. This war will not be violent but it will grow mind numbingly boring really fast. That is why you should try and avoid a scenario in which you will later on have to fight it. This means that you have to cut the problem from the roots entirely in order to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Now when you are dealing with an already existing cockroach infestation, it is very important that you think of ways of getting rid of the problem very quickly.roach control san antonio While modern insecticides offer some modicum of relief, there relief is still temporary. It is very important that you get to where there is a colony in order to get rid of the problem in one foul swoop. You cannot do this with a solitary can of insecticide. Going about it this way is very tiring and you exhaust yourself for nothing. That is why you should make sure that you hire a Cockroach exterminator to help you deal with the problem. The following is a brief look in why we at the Exterminator Company are good at what we do.

What makes us stand out from the rest? The first thing is that we bring a lot of experience to the table and you can bank on us to get rid of the problem quickly. As a Cockroach exterminator service, we have a lot experience in handling infestations at all levels. This is majorly attributed to the people we have on our team. They have a lot of experience in cockroach exterminator. This means that they know how to go about the cockroach extermination process decisively thereby ensuring that you will never ever have to deal with an infestation ever again.

We also undertake preventive action against pests imaginable not only cockroaches. As was mentioned above, if you never have to deal with cockroaches ever again it will come as a very big relief. However, the biggest relief comes about when you know for a fact that you will never ever have to deal with cockroach. Any good cockroach exterminator company will make this dream a reality and we are simply the best. Ergo, you can count on us to be competent enough to take care of the problem.san antonio pest control

We provide our services in New York City and you can verify our reputation as the company of choice. You can visit our offices in case you have any queries. There you will find our staff that will help you in whatever you need. You can count on us to be there for you just as any good Cockroach exterminator Company will be when you need them.

Overall, you can trust to take care of all things pests aside from cockroaches. We take care of rats, mice, spiders, bedbugs and all manner of creepy crawling and scurrying pests.

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Pest Control San Antonio

Pest Control San Antonio

Ants on the kitchen counter, a cockroach scurrying away when you turn on the bathroom light, spiders weaving their webs in hidden corners, and could that be fleas on the dog? It seems like every home has a few unwelcome visitors like these. Insects and bugs are a natural part of our world, but when they move into your home, they are more than an aggravation. These little critters can pose a real risk to your family’s health and to your property. If you can relate to any of the 3 scenarios depicted below, it is time to contact Jenkins pest control company. San Antonio Pest Control

1. Perhaps you have recently bought your home, or you have never had your home inspected for termites. Now is the time. Every year termites cause millions of dollars of damage to homes in the southeast but, too often, homeowners don’t realize they have a problem until the termites are well established. It is always a good time to aks for a free termite inspection from our San Antonio pest control company. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

2. Whether you live in the city or the country, your home offers an open invitation to various insects and pests. You could probably go on ignoring the bugs and pests you find outside your home, in trees or shrubs, in ponds or puddles of water – but in this case, ignorance is not bliss. The inside of your home offers many goodies to pests like plenty of food and drink as well as a pleasant temperature and is usually easy to access. Jenkins pest control company can take care of these outdoor pests, thus protecting the interior of your home.

3. It could be that too many of these aforementioned outdoor critters are already in your house. It’s time to call our pest control company. Pest infestations are not merely annoying, disgusting, and embarrassing – they can also transmit disease to your family and pose a serious threat to your property. Many insects including cockroaches, ants and flies can carry disease such as salmonella, E. coli, or other harmful bacteria. In winter months, rodents trying to get out of the cold can cause damage to your home from chewing on wiring, wood and plaster. Without a doubt, you need help to control these unwanted pests. roach control

Any species that is a danger to your health or to your property is a pest. You will not have to deal with unwanted pests longer than is necessary if you call a professional. Maintain your quality of life and get the protection you need by contacting our qualified San Antonio pest control company today. For Mosquito Control issues please visit this website

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Rodent Control – Rattus norvegicious – The common, Norway, Sewer or Brown Rat

Rattus norvegicious – The common, Norway, Sewer or Brown Rat.


Generally brownish grey in colour across the back and grey underneath. Colours may vary as black forms have been found.
The Brown rat has an average weight of 335g. It is 200-270 mm in length (head and body) and the length of the tail is 150-200 mm. The common rat has small ears and eyes and it’s body is of heavy build.

Life cycle

Common Rat colonies typically develop from a pair or a single pregnant female. Rodents can breed even more efficiently than rabbits and size able infestations can develop very quickly. Conditions that suit a rapid population increase are a good supply of food and water, suitable temperatures and an undisturbed cover. With these ideal conditions breeding will continue throughout the year.Rodent control San Antonio - Pest control
Rats and mice are capable of reproducing from the young age of three months. Pair bonds are not formed and mating is carried out on an opportunistic and promiscuous basis. Mating is brief and can take place with a number of males. After mating and conception there is a relatively short period of of pregnancy (gestation) 21-24 days. The average size of the Common Rat litter is between 6 – 11. The weaning period is 3 – 4 weeks.
Unlike most mammals rats do not have to wait until the original litter is weaned and the female has stopped giving milk before coming back into oestrus. This means that the female rat may be willing to mate and can conceive again soon after the original litter is born.
Rats have been known to live as long as two years or more in a laboratory. How ever in natural conditions it is thought that less than 5% of rats survive more than 12 months. Females tend to live longer than males.


Brown rats are omnivorous but prefer starch and protein-rich foods, such as cereals. Their diet includes meat, fish, vegetables, weeds, earthworms, crustaceans, nuts and fruit. They sometimes catch food to return to later.

How to spot for signs of a rat infestation

The most reliable way to tell if there is an infestation present is with an actual sighting of the identified pest. If Common Rats are seen frequently during the day this may indicate that a large infestation is present as rats are nocturnal by nature.
Rats produce a stale odour. This will be noticed when the infestation has been present for a while in an indoor area. The odour can remain present for a little time after the rodents have been controlled.
Common rats can produce up to 40 droppings a day, they are on average about 12 mm in length and taper to a point at both ends. Fresh droppings are a tell tale sign of rodents present.
Rats tend to take the same path when traveling, which in turn creates a run that is visible to the naked eye. Outdoors the trails of Common Rats can appear as continuous depressions in the grass or other vegetation. Eventually the rat runs will turn into well-worn dusty paths that lead from their burrows to their food and water supply.
Outdoor burrows are usually very easy to spot and are often situated on sloping ground, such as the banks of ditches or covered areas like tree roots. The entrance holes are generally 70-120 mm in diameter. The soil around the burrow will be trampled if it is well used and cob webs will be present if unused.

Unfortunately, often the first sign of rodent activity is the discovery of partially eaten , spilled or hoarded food, damaged packaging material and other signs of gnawing. Damage is a frequent consequence of indoor rat infestations, gnawing of electric cables and wires in the loft area is a common problem. Rats can be distinguished as their incisor teeth marks are about 3 mm wide.Pest Control san antonio - Rats

Why is a rat a pest

Common Rats are generally considered a pest because of their adverse effects upon the human population.The most important of these are the ability to transmit diseases to man and his livestock and the economic damage they may cause to foodstuffs and structures. Rodents whether being seen or heard can be very distressing and causing abhorrence and fear to some. On these facts alone rodent control is justified.

This is a type of leptospirosis associated with rats called Weil’s Disease. The causal organism is the bacterial Leptospira icterohaemorrhagiae that has been found in the kidneys of up to 50% of the individuals in sampled rat populations. It is shed in the urine of infected rats that do not appear to suffer harm.
Wet environments are necessary for the survival of the bacterium outside the rat’s body. It is usually transmitted to humans by contact with contaminated water or moist soil. or by contact with rats. The excreted organism enters the body through cuts and abrasions, or through the mucus membrane of the nose and mouth. Weil’s disease used to occur commonly amongst agricultural workers and those who worked in damp places such as sewers. More recently, there has been a rise in the number of cases amongst those engaged in recreational water activities (swimmers and water-skiers).
Weil’s disease has been a notifiable disease for some years, and can range in severity from mild flu-like symptoms to jaundice, renal failure and death. Public education is very important in its prevention, and the issue of warning cards to those at particular risk should be encouraged.

Another disease of particular significance in this country is salmonellosis caused by bacteria of the salmonella group. It ranks as one of the most wide spread animal-borne diseases. Infection in humans commonly occurs from the contamination of food and drink with rodent excreta, or as a result of passive transmission of the bacteria by rodents. Salmonellosis is a type of food poisoning and symptoms can include acute gastro-enteritis accompanied by headache, fever and vomiting.

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How To Defeat Troublesome Fire Ants

How To Defeat Troublesome Fire Ants

Nobody likes the thought of discovering fire ants on their property. These troublesome pests are well known for their aggressive nature and painful sting. Many people suffer from hives, itching, swelling, and other severe allergic reactions if bitten, so it’s important that you do what you can to prevent these pests from invading your home.
Spring is a favorite season for fire ants, and once they move onto your property, it can be difficult to get rid of the colony. Use the following methods to take back control and defeat those annoying fire ants for good.Fire Ant Control

Eliminate Food Sources

To avoid attracting fire ants to your property, the first thing you should do is eliminate food sources. Fire ants spend a lot of time searching for food, much like any other insect pest, and these foraging activities can even cause them to come inside buildings.
Keep your yard as clean as possible, avoiding leaving out trash or food that could attract ants. You should also keep shrubs pruned away from your home, as they could use these greens as a bridge to enter your property while avoiding treated areas. Fire Ant Control

Target Individual Mounds

If you come across fire ants in your yard, then one way to tackle the problem is to deal with their mounds individually. Doing so is considered to be the most environmentally friendly way to address the issue and will limit treated areas.
When applying mound treatment, the aim is to kill the queen as well as the worker ants. As she is the only one who lays the eggs, this is the ant you need to focus on. You can either use insecticidal bait or a liquid or dust insecticide formulation. When applying fire ant insecticide, always follow the instructions on the label.
You should attempt to thoroughly drench the mound if applying liquid treatments for maximum effectiveness. If the drench does not eradicate all the ants in the colony, then you may notice that surviving ants build smaller mounds close to the parent colony over the next several days following treatment. Keep an eye out for new mounts and treat these immediately.
Baits are an alternative method to liquid treatments, but they are somewhat slow acting. The good thing is that they are easier to apply than mound drenches and tend to achieve 80-90% fire ant control. Always follow label instructions and sprinkle the bait around the mounds, rather than on top. The best time to do this is in the early evening.
You may want to follow the Two-Step method when covering larger areas. This approach involves using the fire ant bait across the whole area affected first, and then following this up with individual mound treatments.

Work with Your Neighbors

Fire ants are known to travel from one garden to the next, so if you want to help prevent these pests from invading your yard, then try to work with your neighbors and implement fire ant prevention and control methods. Pest Control
Ideally, you should all be prepared to tackle any issues as soon as they’re spotted. Work together to implement preventative measures and consider chipping in to hire a professional to treat the neighborhood.
So much for diy, call the professional for effective Fire Ant Control in San Antonio, call Jenkins Pest & Lawn Pest Control today.

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Dog Flea Treatment

Dog Flea Treatment

Dog Flea Medication – How to Use it the Right Way

There is a list of parasites out there that can hurt the physical condition of your pet. These parasites are generally separated into two kinds, external parasites and internal parasites. Lice, ticks, fleas, etc. are some examples of external parasites. Whereas internal parasites include whip worms, round worms, hook worms, etc.flea control

Fleas can become a reason of brutal dermatitis in dogs having a severe flea problem. Allergic reactions are also noticed in dogs due to parasites biting. This results in much distress for them. So there should be some planning for flea control. Dog flea collars are one of the treatments as well as prevention measures for external parasites like fleas. There are different types of treatments and medicines that are available in the store for flea control. One of them is medically recognized as ivermectin. This medicine is mostly prescribed by vets for flea infestations and also other parasites. The main reason of its popularity is the flexible method of using it. It is accessible in the market in the form of injection. These are very useful in the management of flea control. If your dog is contaminated by some other parasites like hook worm, then the symptoms are different. It usually causes anemia in pets.

Signs of hookworm infection include cuts in their feet and adjacent areas. Red rashes are also seen in early days of infection. Round worms are also harmful for your pet. Internal invasion of this disease can be identified from a swelling, potbelly state of your dog. This is a key symptom of this disease which makes is easy for a dog owner to identify the problem. The main and most useful treatment of this disease is to apply piperazine salts on their skin.

It is common knowledge that pets, especially dogs, are very prone to acquiring fleas and ticks on their bodies. And despite the influx of several pest control and preventive products, no one is safe from any possible flea infestation. And as much as you hate them on your pets, there is still a way to get rid of them to make sure that your dogs don’t get fleas once again. Since no one pet is totally immune from flea infestation, there are simple steps that you can follow in maintaining your dog’s body and your direct surroundings free from fleas. You need to have your pet dog regularly examined by the vet, instead of just going to your vet once your dog has suffered from any parasite infestation. Have your vet inform you or suggest ways to help lessen the likelihood of your dog acquiring fleas. Another great thing about consulting your vet is that not only can they diagnose the condition of your pet, they can also recommend safe and effective ways to treat those conditions. Also, you need to be able to understand how fleas thrive and survive. That way, you can formulate ways to help get rid of them not just on your pet, but within your home (if they indeed have managed to infest your home as well). Fleas typically thrive in moist conditions, especially during winter times. Therefore, your carpet, corners, or crevices around the house are most likely breeding grounds for these parasites. Make sure to vacuum thoroughly the entire house as needed. Be careful when throwing off the vacuum cleaner bags since they could still carry surviving adult fleas. If that happens, you are still in danger of being infested once again and these parasites can reproduce very quickly. Therefore, it is not just about killing the existing ones but also stopping the new ones from developing and infesting your home.san antonio flea control

Now that you’ve taken care of the house, it is now time to turn your attention on your dog. You can use a special flea comb to brush off any visible fleas that are on your dog’s body. Then, you must regularly soap and wash off the dog’s body to kill off any surviving fleas. Ideally, you can wash your dog at least once a week to clean the dog thoroughly and free their bodies of any parasites. Also, you must wash and scrub your pet’s bedding since fleas and larvae could very well thrive in them. Using flea control products on your pet is also an option. But before you opt for a certain product, it is a must that you see your dog’s vet so they can recommend a product that is best suited for your pet. Or else, you will put your pet dog’s life in greater risk, since they can experience side effects from using those products. Sad news for pet owners, your pet dogs are very much at risk of acquiring fleas. However, the good news is there is a way to help treat the infestation of fleas and also prevent them from coming back. It is not true that there are certain breeds of dogs that don’t get fleas, but it must be a delight knowing that you can do something about it. To save your pet from these diseases, action should be taken for hook worms, round worms, and flea control. Call your Local Experts

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10 Quick Tips on Mosquito Control

10 Quick Tips on Mosquito Control

by Lizzie Scott

Here are some mosquito control tips that you may find useful.

1. First, wear clothing that covers most of your body, if the temperature permit. Mosquito control san antonio

2. Do not allow food, trash, decaying wood, etc. to remain in or on your property. Empty watering cans, remove old tires and cover rain barrels to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

3. Cover or seal trash tightly. Garbage can lids should be kept closed and secured.

4. Prevent mosquitoes from entering your home by ensuring that all your window screens are intact.

5. If you have a pond in your garden, stock it with some fish that will eat the mosquito larvae.

6. Keep all areas where food is prepared, stored, and served clean and free of crumbs and grease.

7. Cut back shrubs and vines that touch or overhang your property.

8. Many communities conduct large-scale spraying of pesticides containing mallothione to control mosquito populations during the spring and summer, especially in attempts to reduce the spread of West Nile encephalitis. Note that Adulticiding and Fogging (external repellants) fend off adult mosquitoes FOR A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME ONLY. They are only effective if you’re going to host a picnic or some other outdoor event the next day. Do not expect lasting effect.Mosquito control san antonio

9. Protect yourself and others from contact with any DEET pesticide (DEET is a toxic element commonly found in repellants).

10.Several natural or man-made products are gaining popularity as mosquito repellents. Citronella oil, a product of several types of trees, can be made in to candles or burned directly, is an effective mosquito repellent in high concentrations. It is also a myth that ultraviolet lights (like those in bug zappers) and ultrasonic devices are ineffective to get rid of mosquitoes.

Want to get a natural, high quality and long-lasting mosquito repellent? Go to to protect yourself from mosquito bites without harmful chemicals or messy, oily repellent on your skin! Or visit this website
your Local Experts

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