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How To Defeat Troublesome Fire Ants

Nobody likes the thought of discovering fire ants on their property. These troublesome pests are well known for their aggressive nature and painful sting. Many people suffer from hives, itching, swelling, and other severe allergic reactions if bitten, so you must do what you can to prevent these pests from invading your home.ant control

Spring is a favorite season for fire ants, and once they move onto your property, it can be difficult to get rid of the colony. Use the following methods to take back control and defeat those annoying fire ants for good.

Eliminate Food Sources

To avoid attracting fire ants to your property, the first thing you should do is eliminate food sources. Fire ants spend a lot of time searching for food, much like any other insect pest, and these foraging activities can even cause them to come inside buildings.

Keep your yard as clean as possible, avoiding leaving trash or food that could attract ants. You should also keep shrubs pruned away from your home, as they could use these greens as a bridge to enter your property while avoiding treated areas.

Target Individual Mounds

If you come across fire ants in your yard, one way to tackle the problem is to deal with their mounds individually. Doing so is considered the most environmentally friendly way to address the issue and will limit treated areas.

When applying mound treatment, the aim is to kill the queen and the worker ants. As she is the only one who lays the eggs, this is the ant you need to focus on. You can either use insecticidal bait or a liquid or dust insecticide formulation. When applying fire ant insecticide, always follow the instructions on the label.Pest control services san antonio

You should attempt to thoroughly drench the mound if applying liquid treatments for maximum effectiveness. If the drench does not eradicate all the ants in the colony, you may notice that surviving ants build smaller mounds close to the parent colony over the next several days following treatment. Keep an eye out for new mounts and treat these immediately.

Baits are an alternative method to liquid treatments, but they are somewhat slow acting. The good thing is that they are easier to apply than mound drenches and tend to achieve 80-90% fire ant control. Always follow label instructions and sprinkle the bait around the mounds, rather than on top. The best time to do this is in the early evening.

You may want to follow the Two-Step method when covering larger areas. This approach involves using the fire ant bait across the area affected first, then following this up with individual mound treatments.

Work with Your Neighbors

Fire ants travel from one garden to the next, so if you want to help prevent these pests from invading your yard, try to work with your neighbors and implement fire ant prevention and control methods.

Ideally, you should all be prepared to tackle any issues as soon as they’re spotted. Work together to implement preventative measures and consider chipping in to hire a professional to treat the neighborhood.

So much for diy, call our professionals for effective Fire Ant Control in San Antonio.

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Termite Inspection/Control San Antonio

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Termite Inspection/Control San Antonio

Many times it is necessary or prudent to have your house treated by a professional pest control expert especially if the house is on slabs or if the house has a basement (because of the drilling required). Also, it is necessary to use an expert or a specialized company if the proof of a termite treatment or a clearance letter is required.

The most common methods used against termites are termiticides and baits. The decision of which method or product to use must be considered very carefully.san antoniotermite control


The traditional method of termite control is through termiticide, a liquid pesticide that is applied to the soil around and under the house, approximating the potential entry points for termites. This liquid will provide a protective barrier around and under the house and it will kill or repel termites who try to penetrate it. More on this site @

There are two types of termiticides that can be used: a repellent older and a non-repellent newer.

The repellent termiticide creates a barrier around the house that prevents the termites from entering. But this pesticide will only affect the termites that come in contact with the barrier and it will not touch the rest of the colony. Also, it has to be applied through the soil as uniformly and completely as possible. Many entry points, though, are located behind walls or other obstructions and are harder to find. This method might require extensive drilling through the outside foundation and walls to ensure overall coverage as well as an adequate volume of termiticides.

Non-repellent termiticide represents a new approach to controlling termites. Termites enter the barrier without being aware of the pesticide and they contaminate the rest of the termites and colony. With this type of termiticide missing some of the hard-to-reach entry points is not as big of a problem compared to the old type as long as most of the entry points are touched.

Some of the liquid treatments can be applied around the house foundation on both sides, foundation walls, and under plumbing penetrations in slabs and bath traps. Trenching and drilling may be necessary in order to reach deeper or hidden points. A few of the new termiticides can be effectively applied only in the exterior perimeter of the house and if the termites were found in inside areas. then a localized treatment can be also applied. This type of pesticide is easier to apply and requires less drilling and pesticide.

If the termiticides are correctly applied they will be effective for approximately 5 years.

Termite Bait

Termite bait systems have the purpose of killing the entire colony and protecting the home. These systems can be used alone or in association with the termiticides and they can be installed underground or above ground. It is recommended by the specialist to use first monitoring devices that will be replaced afterward with the bait systems if termites activity is found.

Bait systems contain a bait cartridge, a mix of cellulose and a non-repellent termiticide that will attract and kill termites and the rest of their colony. This system requires the installation of multiple bait stations around the house, preferably 10 to 20 feet from each other and two feet away from the foundation of the house.

These systems are fairly easy to install and also more eco-friendly since they use a limited amount of pesticides. They are also more targeted being an effective option even for areas where the regular termiticide is not allowed because of infestation risks. On the other hand, this method is a slow-acting one and it can take months before the entire colony is killed. It is also necessary to continue the use of the monitoring device even after the colony is killed since the bait does not help prevent future infestations.

Some of the dry wood or damp wood termites, as well as Formosan, might require more extensive wood treatment and fumigation.

Expected Costs

Every year termites are the cause of billions of dollars in damage in the United States and homeowners spend an average of $3,000 in repairs after they found termite damage.

There are a few methods and a great variety of products that can be used to exterminate termites. Most of the specialized companies provide a free inspection of the building and an estimate for the custom extermination plan.

The cost of the termite extermination is based on the size of the building and it depends on the method used and the complexity of the termite invasion. Usually, for the houses built on a slab foundation, the price is higher.

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San Antonio Pest Control Services

San Antonio Pest Control Sevices

With pests infesting homes and office premises, the pest control industry is really booming. An increasing number of people call for pest control services to help resolve their infestations and their related problems. There are some people who don’t bother about paying extremely high prices for their service on a regular basis to ensure they don’t have to suffer a pest infestation. On the contrary, there are also some people who think it’s better to do it yourself and try to eliminate pests on their own as they think it’s not worth hiring exterminators for the job. Then some people don’t do anything about pests, thinking that the problem will take care of itself. More on Pest Control San Antonio here
Looking at the different views of so many people regarding rodent control, one does wonder if pest control services are really worth the money.

Available Options

Actually, for anyone to determine if professionals should be called in to treat the pest infestation, you have first to take a look at the available options. Obviously, you either call in professionals for the job, attempt to do something about it, or do nothing at all. The first thing you should consider about trying pest extermination on your own is how well you can actually tolerate the sight of pests. It’s okay to see a single cockroach or a mouse in the kitchen. However, not everyone can handle finding a nest of roaches or a group of mice behind some furniture, with their droppings, dead bodies, and other filth. People who can’t handle this sight definitely can’t think of exterminating pests on their own and need the help of pest control services. So this group of people definitely agree that it’s worth spending for pest exterminators.

Prevention is better than cure.

Then there are people who don’t have a pest problem but believe that prevention is always better than cure. They hire exterminators to check their homes and to prevent any possible infestations as part of their home maintenance regimen. They believe that it’s worth locating possible infestations, and treating them before it gets worse. So this group of people thinks that pest control services are worth the money.

Is pest control service worth it?

The third group of people is those who don’t get sick from seeing bugs, insects, or rodents. They think that it’s better to try to get rid of pests on their own using DIY methods. However, little do they know that it’s easier to say than practicing pest control methods? They don’t realize the amount of work involved with do-it-yourself home pest control methods. It’s much more than just spraying some spray in the nooks and corners of the house. In addition to this, they have to thoroughly check and treat all the house’s infected parts, including the basement, yard, under the sink, behind the water heater, and in the attic.

Different pests require different techniques.

Moreover, they are assured of complete pest extermination only if they know how to treat all types of pests. Different pest control methods are used for treating roaches, rats, beetles, scorpions, snakes, ants, and termites, which is not practical for the common man to know. Though this group of people may think and claim that it’s not worth paying for pest control services, this is usually temporary. They may somehow manage to practice pest extermination techniques a few times. However, when they find that it doesn’t assure complete elimination of the various pests, they generally resort to hiring pest control services and finally agree that it definitely is worth paying them for their services.

Not required

There is another group of people who don’t actually understand why pest control is actually required. These people not only think that hiring experts are a waste of time and their money but also don’t even attempt to do anything to get rid of all those critters in their homes. It’s only when it’s too late when the infestation grows beyond their control or tolerance that they repent not having hired professional pest exterminators to get rid of all those bugs, mice, and critters in their homes.

Benefits and reasons for hiring our San Antonio Pest Control Services.
So after reading all this, it is left to you to decide if pest control services are actually worth the money. Remember that there is no home or building that is completely immune to pests without any formal and professional pest control services. In fact, if the problem is not addressed at the start of the infestation, you may only end up with a desperate pest condition that can be treated only by professional pest control services. Professional pest exterminators use pest control products that are much better and more effective than those found in local home improvement stores. The products they use are so strong that it helps prevent larger infestations. Safe to children and pets, however though strong, these products are so safe to use, they can be used in areas where there are even children and pets. To top it all, they apply all their pest control products using techniques that homeowners do not know like the use of high-powered sprayers. An additional benefit or reason to hire pest control professionals is when you have a large area to treat as the entire home. They help by providing and using products that are cheaper than paying for gallons of the same products. Moreover, being professionals at the job, these pest exterminators can quickly locate the source of the problem like nesting and colonies you never knew existed. Accordingly, they can decide on the right methods to use for the complete extermination of the infestation.

How to prevent future infestations.

Professional pest, insect, rat, and mouse control services not only help in treating and eradicating an infestation but also give you advice on the measures you have to adopt to prevent future infestations. They tell you all about the places where pests generally live and their food. As the exterminators can locate the spots pests use to enter your home, they will be able to teach you measures to adopt to repair this problem. All this proves that pest control services are definitely worth the money. For a comparatively small amount, they not only help eliminate all the pests in your home but also help prevent future infestations.

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San Antonio Pest Control Services

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San Antonio Pest Control Services

A pest control company can use professional techniques and products to eliminate bugs and rodents in your home including bed bugs, ants, bees, fleas, mice, rats, mosquitoes, roaches, termites, and other bugs. They can eliminate a bug or rodent problem before it becomes severe. Please keep in mind that bugs and rodents are dangerous to your health. It is important that you understand the dangers that stem from these kinds of infestations. Pest control san antonio

Research shows that many children have severe sensitivities to roaches and roach allergens. Roach allergens can increase the severity of an individual’s asthma symptoms. These allergens are introduced in homes through roach droppings, saliva, and the decomposing bodies of these insects. Roaches also carry bacteria and they can contaminate your cooking equipment, food, and kitchen furniture.

Mosquitoes are a nuisance in the warm seasons and a major health threat. Research shows that West Nile Virus infections have been affecting many people in the country in recent years. Mosquitoes can also cause itchy marks and severe allergic reactions in human beings. Pest Control Company San Antonio

Ants can contaminate your food and get rid of them is not easy. If you have an ant problem and you do not fix the issue, the problem will only get worn over time. Pest control companies use advanced technology and effective products and they will help you eliminate the entire ant colony in a short period of time.

Stinging insects like hornets and bees send thousands of people to the emergency room every year. These bugs are aggressive and they often sting people. This can cause skin irritations and serious allergic reactions. A pest control professional can help you get rid of these staining pests and help you prevent future infestations.

Rodents can enter a house through any opening. It is important to inspect your home periodically for rodent droppings, especially in the basement, attic, hallways, hidden areas, pantries, under the beds, and along the walls. Rodent droppings can cause allergic reactions and disease. Rodents also carry bacteria and they can contaminate your food, kitchen surface, and equipment. A pest control company can help you get rid of a rodent infestation for good. San Antonio Pest Control

Termites can destroy a home or building. They can destroy the structure of a home, your furniture, decorations, floors, and your personal belongings. Millions of homes became infested with termites each year and this causes billions of dollars in damages.

Remember that pest control technicians have the expertise that’s needed and they can eliminate any kind of pest or rodent. They know how to use pest control products safely and their products are very effective. They can use pesticides and chemical treatments to eliminate all the bugs from your home and they can treat the entire house. They can apply chemical treatments to your bedrooms, basement, attic, hallways, kitchen, bathroom, living room, guest room, and dining room. They can also treat your backyard area, garage, and the front of your house. Rodents and bugs can multiply very quickly and you should never ignore these kinds of problems. Contact a pest control company today and eliminate the pests in your home once and for all if you want to be healthy and happy.

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New Braunfels Pest Control

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Speedy Ways To Get Rid Of Pests

All property owners know how annoying pest infestations can be in their residences. Insects lead to unsanitary conditions with food and also provide you with a sensation of genuine disgust. Make sure you’re doing all you can to rid yourself of unwanted pests by reading the below post. san antonio pest control

Tackle a pest problem at its source. This means ridding yourself of what attracts the insects, to begin with. Pest infestations begin in homes after they discover water, food, or shelter. Search for and get rid of any leaks, food scraps, and entries to your house.

If recluse spiders are a problem, utilize adhesive traps. These spiders are harmful and hide in locations that aren’t easy to reach with sprays. They need to emerge during the nighttime to find something to consume. You will certainly be more prone to get them if you set traps behind your furniture and along walls.

Be cautious if you believe you at long last got rid of your bedbugs. Bedbugs can be inactive for a year without food. Any openings in your home need to be closed. Bed bugs found within these openings won’t have the ability to get away when they are closed.

Make sure any food you purchase is snugly sealed. Plenty of pests will smell the foodstuff if you keep it out. Garbage containers are an additional attraction, so empty these at the earliest opportunity. Pests like this aroma too.

Plant new trees and shrubs further far from home to cut down on rats and mice in your house. Mice and rats climb up your trees and enter your home from the attic or roof structure. Make sure they are a minimum of 15 feet away from the home.

When you are attempting to get rid of rodents, peppermint can help. Planting peppermint around the foundation of the home will help. It is going to continue to keep mice from trying to get inside the house. Spread peppermint all around to discourage rats or rodents.

For security or a way to make the best use of your backyard, exterior lights are superb. Unfortunately, it draws in a great deal of nighttime bugs. Nevertheless, if you want landscape lighting, use pinkish, orange, or yellow-colored light bulbs because unwanted pests aren’t as fascinated by these particular colors.cockroach control

Individuals who struggle with pests and insects could possibly have some remedies they aren’t even aware of. Make use of the knowledge of the pros at the local home improvement store. They are able to inform you about the proper inorganic pesticides to work with for the insects you have.

Electronic pest management can also work rather well. You connect these into your electrical outlets and they will frighten rats away. Even though humans can hear it, the noise will not hurt humans or pets. Rats dislike the noise, keeping them away.

After looking at this article, you should have an awareness of pest management. Since they are so irritating and bothersome, do whatever it requires to easily eliminate them.

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Pest Control – Use These Methods To Control Mosquitoes

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Pest Control – Use These Methods To Control Mosquitoes

pest control
You need to protect yourself from mosquitoes. When you think about mosquito pest control by netting, you can break it down into individual control and public control. Although several cities, states and countries might provide some sort of regulated mosquito control, you will probably also want to get rid of the pesky critters that plague your surroundings. Mosquito netting is an effective solution as well. Government pest control agencies can use pesticides in areas where there is a heavy population of mosquitoes, but that might not be enough to deter these insects. The bottom line is you have to protect yourself form these little because they have been known to carry diseases from time to time. Need Professional Pest Control Help?
We’ll get rid of them for you for good – guaranteed.

Rid your home of ants, roaches, mice, and 24 other varieties of pests. To receive a TOTALLY FREE PEST EVALUATION, please call us.

Mosquitoes are in fact flies that will bite human beings and animals, leaving itchy red welts that can bother you for days. For your own personal mosquito control, you might want to purchase insect repellent that contains DEET to keep the bugs from biting. You can get repellants in sprays, creams, sticks, and liquids. Most species of mosquitoes are nocturnal and only the female will suck blood for other animals.

Another common type of mosquito maintenance is the burning of citronella oil. The smoke from these candles or burners might keep the mosquitoes away, but in heavily windy conditions, the citronella may prove to be useless in keeping the mosquitoes away. More options are to spray your camping equipment and clothing with Permethrin, which is also an insecticide.

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General Pest Control – Ant Control – Removal of Ants 

Ant Control – Removal of Ants 

Ants are a common household infiltrator. There are a great number of ways to deal with this situation. What can you do when it comes to ant control? Residents will no doubt appreciate these helpful reminders.
ant control
Do you have a dishwasher? Ants are attracted to food. So food dishes should never stay out dirty for long. If you have a dishwasher, run it every day. Otherwise, the ants will be clamoring to try and get inside as they smell the rotting food. If you don’t have a dishwasher, never leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight.

It seems like common sense, but sometimes if no company is expected and we are tired from a long day of work, we may be tempted to leave the dinner dishes until morning. Especially say on a Friday when we know we have a leisurely morning the next day. But that would give the ants all night to locate the food and start the invasion. Keeping a clean house, especially when it comes to food garbage is an important step in ant control. What else can you do?

If you don’t have a garbage disposal, then make sure that the garbage you throw uneaten food into is well covered and gets removed from the house frequently. Otherwise, before long, you may begin to see a steady stream of ants heading for the trash. Don’t leave food out if it isn’t sealed properly. Again, if the food isn’t sealed properly, the ants will smell it and be able to get into it. Cereal bags should be clipped as sweet smells attract ants the most.

If you are in need of ant extermination, you may want to try traps and bait at first. If these measures prove successful, good. If not, you may need to call in a professional. It is better to hire someone in the know than to try and spray your house with dangerous chemicals yourself. All you have to do is go to the hardware store and read a few labels to see just how dangerous this stuff is. Plus, you may unwittingly kill some necessary bugs if you are spraying outside of your house without proper knowledge.

By keeping things clean, an ant problem may be prevented. If one already exists, traps may help, but a professional may be necessary. Whatever the case, these are some things you can do to curb an ant problem.
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Ant Control San Antonio – Jenkins Pest

Do You Need Help With Ant Control?

There is no doubt about it: ants can cause a great deal of heartache for the average homeowner. Not only is it disgusting to find ants crawling around in your home, but ants can also be quite destructive.

Depending upon the type of ant that has invaded your home, you might deal with food infestations or damage to wood and other structures within your home. For that reason, getting rid of ants should be a top priority among any homeowner who is dealing with an infestation.Pest Control

Depending upon the type and level of ant infestation you are facing in your home, getting rid of these pests may not be too difficult. To that end, if you have discovered ants in your home, you may want to try some easy steps to help eliminate them. More on this link @

Step 1
Remove food sources by wiping down all surfaces, placing food in air-tight containers, keeping the sink clean and free of dirty dishes. You can protect your pet’s food by placing your pet’s food dish inside a larger dish filled with water, which will create a mote that the ants will not be able to cross.
Step 2
Squish all ants you see! If a scout ant manages to find a food source in your home, it will go back to the nest and bring more ants inside. Killing the scouts will help reduce the possibility of further infestation.
Step 3
Seal windows, doors and cracks with caulk in order to keep additional ants from getting inside.
Step 4
Use a commercial ant killer. There are several products available on the market that is specifically designed for getting rid of ants. Be sure to follow the directions carefully to ensure you are using the product properly and safely.

Even after following these four steps, you may still have a problem with ants in your home. If this is the case, you should call a professional to get rid of the ants.

If your home is infested with fire ants, it is a good idea to contact a professional right away, as these ants can cause physical harm. When contacting a company that provides fire ant control, be sure to ask about the process that they use. Ideally, you should select a company that uses an eco-friendly method that is safe for both pets and children. This way, you won’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals being brought into your home while getting rid of ants.

Locally owned and operated since 1994. We will provide you with excellent workmanship and pricing for all phases of your pest control needs. We provide services for residential, associations, commercial, and multi-family properties. We also offer NON-TOXIC treatments when possible (ORANGE OIL & FOAM), as well as preventative treatments including yearly maintenance plans, fumigation, escrow inspections, wood repair, and structural replacement. Visit our Website @

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Cockroach Control – Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services

Cockroaches are great health hazards due to their ability of contaminating food and utensils, transmitting many diseases related to human digestive system like dysentery and gastroenteritis. Call our cockroach exterminators today.

They also carry antigens that can prove hazardous to asthma patients. While most of the species of cockroach display similar characteristics, let us explore more information about American Cockroach, one of the largest species from this family of pests.
More here @

The American Cockroach

Being recorded its total length around one and half inch, this is known as largest cockroach in the United States. Although, this species (adult) has fully developed flying abilities, they hardly fly. They display these flying abilities in particularly warm weather to escape from heat.

American Cockroach Reproduction

Thousands of young ones can be produced by a single couple of most species of cockroaches, throughout the year. Being recorded, a female is capable of producing up to 50 sacks, each measuring 8mm X 5mm counting 10-16 eggs per sack. The sacks are most often attached to objects that are transported… for example, wooden crates or cardboard boxes. In 6-12 months the larvae mature. The cockroach achieves maturity after 10 months to a year and lives only for an additional year.

American Cockroach Habitat

They are generally found in damp, warm and dark places, away from human activities like roof areas, sub floors, rubbish dumps and unoccupied dwellings. They mostly prefer rotting organic waste as primary food source; although they have great abilities to survive without food for months.

Their habitat comprises of areas containing moisture and food, usually near human activities like near water heaters or ender sinks and cupboards, pantries and kitchen.They have another amazing ability -to keep themselves in narrowest gaps like cracks and cervices as they can pull their fore and hind legs extremely close to body. If you happen to see a cockroach during the daylight then maybe you are seeing only the tip of an iceberg because cockroaches are nocturnal insects. Click on this link @

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Pest Control San Antonio – The Most Common Pest

Pest Control San Antonio – The Most Common Pests

In this article, we’re going to touch on the more common types of indoor pests. We’ll help with identification, and give a little summary about each of them. Detailed information about specific pests will be found in other articles. More here @
This article is limited to common indoor pests. We will not be discussing parasitic pests, like fleas, lice, or bedbugs. We also will not be discussing outdoor pests, like moles or chinch bugs.

If your follow the recommendations to keep your house clean the preventive measures to limit successful foraging from previous articles, you should experience a reduction in all of the pests that follows. So make sure you’ve read those articles and put them into practice if you’re have trouble with any of the pests you see here.


For many this is the most common household pest they will encounter. Ants can fit through very small spaces, making it extremely difficult to completely enclose the house and eliminate all foragers. Ants are less concerned about cover and remaining unseen, so they are more likely to be encountered in your home boldly wandering or following an established trail than are other pests. But if you’ve got ants, you also have all the other ingredients in your home to welcome other pests that are better at remaining hidden. Ant trails are very important to them. When keeping your home clean, make sure you’re wiping down your kitchen area with soapy water to wash away the invisible scent trails they leave as advertisements to other ants that they successfully foraged there.pest control


Many people feel cockroaches are the most repulsive of the pests they encounter. Cockroaches like to hide. They’re tough to spot unless you surprise them in the middle of the night by flipping on a light in the kitchen when you’d ordinarily be asleep. As part of your prevention habits for cockroaches, make sure you’re cleaning the kitchen and emptying the kitchen garbage each night.san antonio pest control

Pantry pests (beetles and weevils)

These pest are found almost exclusively in the pantry or cabinets. The live and feed in rarely used, unsealed dry goods, like flour, pancake mix, cereal, or sugar. You are unlikely to know you have them until you decide to make pancakes one morning, for example, and you find a bug crawling around in the pancake mix. The best thing to do to manage these bugs is to make sure your dried goods are in sealed containers, not just open boxes or bags.Pest control san antonio


For many, spiders are the pests they’re most concerned about because of some level of fear they have regarding these bugs. Spiders are different from other pests in that they aren’t eating off of your dirty dishes or out of the dog food bowl. If you have spiders in your home, it’s because they’re finding other bugs in your house to eat. Reduce the general bug population, and you will reduce the spider population.spider control


They may be larger and have fur, but they’re after the same things as all the other pests: water, food, and harborage. While dealing with a rodent infestation may be a little different than the other pests, prevention methods are the same. You can almost think of rodents as big, furry cockroaches.rodent control san antonio

As stated in the beginning of the article, prevention is key. Even if you already have an infestation of one or more of the above pests, you should still be implementing all of the prevention strategies described in other articles. So keep your house clean and implement preventive measures to limit successful foraging. Find more information here @

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