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When dealing with a pest infestation, it is important to understand various elements of the pest control process. Failing to lucidly apprehend the foundational elements of pest control can lead to a non-efficacious treatment process or worse. If the right safety precautions or not taken, pest control treatments can put pets and humans – especially little children – at risk. Treating your home for pest is not something that you should engage lightly. At the very least, you can end up wasting money and time.Pest control san antonio

Another element of pest control that you should give significant consideration to is cost. The vast majority of people that take on the task of expelling unwanted pests fail to consider the cost element. It is important to understand that the most expensive route is not necessary the best. There are viable treatment options that don’t require a great deal of money. There are also some techniques that are environmentally friendly. The key is to take the time to familiarize yourself with the type of infestation that you are dealing with.

Insects, plants, rodents, bacteria, mold, mildew and other organisms are all a natural part of the universal ecological system, meaning that they provide a benefit to people in some way at some point. But there are times in which these animals and organisms become pests and you are forced to take action. It is important that when you do so you understand the proper protocol necessary to be effective and safe.

Multiple Infestations

In many situations you will find that there are multiple infestations. What this means is that you will see infestations of multiple species, such as rodents and roaches. This can be for a number of reasons, one of which would be access to water and food. In a situation in which there is a multiple infestation, steps will have to be taken to ensure that all species are expelled or killed.
This leads to one of the first steps of ridding your home of pest – limiting access to food and water, which is the primary cause of infestations. Improper care of your pet can lead to a flea infestation as well.

Safety First

One of the first things that you must consider when preparing to launch a pest control campaign is family and pet safety. The last thing that you want to do is cause someone in your family to become ill from lingering fumes or contaminated surfaces.

Kitchen Cleaned. In your kitchen you should be sure to cover all food and eating utensils. You should also wash all dishes and eating utensils after treatment to ensure that there is no residue left behind.
The Environmental Protection Agency has the responsibility to ensure that all pesticides do not pose what can be considered an unreasonable risk to humans and the environment. The key word in the previous statement is “unreasonable.” This does not mean that there are no risks. It simply means that the risks are considered within reason. This basically means that you must take the necessary steps to ensure that your family and pets are safe.Pest control services san antonio
Don’t set out pest bait in areas that are accessible to your children or your pets.

Non-chemical Methods
There are some non-chemical pest control methods that can be just as effective as the chemical alternative. The EPA has been promoting these type of methods over the last decade or so as concerns about the environment have increased.

Some non-chemical methods include:

Roaches – Prevention is the first priority and the best method. Limit food and water supplies. If an infestation takes place one of the most non-toxic treatments for roaches is boric acid. Simply place the boric acid in cracks and crevices and areas where roaches hide.
Fleas – Start by conducting an extensive cleaning of the entire house, including grooming, washing and vacuuming. If the infestation persists, use D-limonene and linalool. This citrus extracts will kill both – the larva and the adult fleas.
Rats and mice – There are devices such as snap traps, have a heart traps and glue traps – all of which are non-toxic.
You will find that there are non-toxic way to deal with almost all infestations, you simply have the take the time to do your research. Organic pest control is becoming a huge industry, providing multitudinous alternative to the more dangerous pesticides.

Toxic Methods

There is no end to the types of pesticides that are available. It all depends on your infestation. Take the time to evaluate the extent of your infestation to determine if you are dealing with multiple infestations or not.
Roaches – Combat or Raid bait traps are the less toxic or the toxic treatment scenario. If you want to go a little heavier, you can always use foggers or sprays. Remember that these sprays and foggers leave residue that can be hazardous.

Rats – Rats are a little more than a nuisance as they can spread diseases and also ruin your homes structure. Most of the commercial poisons that are on the market will kill rats, but these poisons are also very toxic to humans and domesticated animals. You can – instead – make homemade rat poison that is less toxic to humans. For instance you can mix Plaster of Paris, cornmeal and milk. Another homemade recipe would be the combination of flour, sugar and baking soda.Rodent control San Antonio - Pest control

Professional Help

Killing Cockroaches. There are times that your situation will require that you use a pest control professional. There may be a situation that is beyond your reach or there may be a structural issue. When hiring a professional you will have work that will be guaranteed. It is important to understand that hiring a professional doesn’t have to mean spending an exorbitant amount of money.
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Whether you attempt to deal with your infestation on your own or you decide to hire a San Antonio Pest Control professional, be sure to consider the safety and costs aspects.